Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation Overview

Since 2010, the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation has remained committed to the following:

  • Actively promoting physical well-being
  • Encouraging teamwork
  • Stressing the importance of education
  • Providing essential life skills to young people in our community through hockey and other activities

The Foundation offers many programs, each designed to introduce children to the sport of hockey while facilitating an increase in physical activity. The Foundation has not only created a comprehensive street hockey curriculum through its PensFit program, but also equips students with the necessary protective gear to participate. The Foundation also partners with UPMC Sports Medicine to combat the growing incidences of concussions in young athletes by offering baseline testing and parental education to athletes in all sports. The program has become the blueprint for other NHL organizations.

The Penguins strive to be the best in professional sports, both on and off the ice. The Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation exists to focus the organization’s wide-ranging charitable and community outreach efforts, benefiting regional youth.

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