Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation- Concussion Outreach

The Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation teamed up with UPMC Sports Medicine in 2011 to launch the Heads UP Pittsburgh program. This collaboration promotes concussion education for coaches, parents, and young athletes, and provides, baseline testing for athletes in all sports.

Participants in Heads UP Pittsburgh can sign up with their entire team or on an individual basis and receive free baseline testing and concussion education. The entire testing process takes about one hour and parents meet with staff from UPMC Sports Medicine to learn more about the signs and symptoms of concussion.  UPMC’s certified athletic trainers supervise the program and baseline testing.

In addition to baseline testing, the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation provided 2,000 students with free neck strengthening kits in 2013, and free flexibility kits in 2014. The Foundation expanded the program to include athletes of all sports ages 10 to 14. In its first three years, it has produced more than 13,000 baseline tests and educated more than 33,000 people.

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