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UPMC is deeply committed to the western Pennsylvania region, and is proud to share our experience and resources to enhance the quality of life for local residents.

We touch the individual lives of people throughout the region - through the patients we treat, and the individuals and communities who benefit from our activities.
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Global Links
Health of the Community

Promoting a two-fold mission, Global Links prevents surplus medical materials from going into landfills and repurposes them as life-saving resources for clinics in underserved areas of the world where medical supplies are necessary to provide even basic care to patients. For the past decade, UPMC has partnered with Global Links[...]

Healthy Communities Outreach Education Program: Nepalese Women in Pittsburgh
Health of the Community

Healthy Communities is an initiative of Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC to raise awareness, provide tools, and take health education into the communities. The program is available to a diverse population including women from Nepal refugee camps. Healthy Communities offers a place for these women to learn about healthy lifestyles including[...]

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank: Produce to People
Health of the Community

Produce to People is an initiative of the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. The program provides fresh produce throughout the Pittsburgh area to those families and seniors in need. Most food pantries cannot stock fresh produce as they do along with other non-perishable items. Produce is a healthy food option that[...]

Animal Friends: Training Your Pets for Therapets
Health of the Community

The Animal Friends Therapets program provides training for owners and their pets to become therapy pets in senior centers, hospitals, and community centers. The program’s trainer will evaluate your pet and enroll them in a training course exposing them to real life situations with wheel chairs, hospital beds, and various[...]

Animal Friends: Therapets Program
Health of the Community

Pet therapy creates a connection with patients, visitors and even employees and staff. Animal Friends provides therapy dogs and volunteers who go into the hospitals to help patients feel less depression and fatigue – helping them to heal. Learn more about Animal Friends. Learn about Animal Friends “Therapets”.

2 women discussing produce at the Great Garden Giveaway

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank: The Great Garden Giveaway
Health of the Community

The Great Garden Giveaway is a partnership between Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and Grow Pittsburgh. The program, in its third year, provides vegetable, fruit and herb seedlings and seeds to people receiving food at the Food Bank’s Produce to People distributions in the Spring. The distributions take place each[...]

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile®
Health of the Community

By offering medical care to at-risk children in our communities, the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC Ronald McDonald Care Mobile® is a primary care center on wheels. Without it, many children may not receive the immunizations, physical exams and basic medical care they need. UPMC is proud to help fund[...]

Technician and Pregnant Woman at Magee Neighborhood Health Center

Magee Neighborhood Health Center
Health of the Community

Getting healthcare can be difficult for people who don’t have physicians and hospitals close to home. Magee-Womens’ Hospital of UPMC opened Magee Neighborhood Health Centers to deliver outreach and education for women on childbirth, breast health, and many other services. Programs at UPMC are available for those with low or[...]

UPMC Hamot nurse with an Erie, PA family at Wayne Primary Health.

Wayne School Project
Health of the Community

With an onsite primary care center, the Wayne School Project provides at-risk children with everything a normal pediatrician’s office would offer. And it’s not just medical care — children get education in behavioral health, self-esteem, hygiene and healthy eating… all the skills they need to lead happy, healthy lives. UPMC[...]